StreamlineTechnologies to Build a Transparent Supply Chain

Rishi Sareen, Vice President-IT, Ecom Express

In the past couple of years the consumer shift to e-tailing backed with multi model ecommerce platforms has increased the need for smart, responsive and efficient logistics management systems. In this rapidly growing market, quality service is of utmost importance for logistics service providers to face the increased competition and retain customers. Technology has become the key. Traditionally in the logistics sector, information technology may not have been of that importance however in current state focus on Information technology has increased enabling them to transform into a more efficient, competitive solution oriented platform.

The emergence of organized players and the introduction of technology-led solutions in this sector are bringing in change in this sector like never before. The use of independent software is history and companies have to ensure integration not only within internal systems but also customer systems. Companies who are ahead in providing transparency and visibility for effective decision making surely have the edge over their competitors.

Business IT leaders in these companies need to focus on building technology tools/ applications to ensure capture of actionable data for internal users and customers covering but not limited to cost efficiencies, on-time performance, and consumer satisfaction. Just having the data is not the end, it is prudent for business IT to deploy business analytics tools and data warehouse solution with expert team of data scientists churning, slicing meaning full data analysis for effective decision making and predictive analysis. With every shipment, IT has to support better methods and cost-effective processes to streamline business, and manage today's super-charged supply chain with better results.

Logistics companies need to build efficient tools to clearly and instantaneously capture real-time data of orders, distributed shipments, and their status, for reliable, accurate operations and efficiently tracking and preventing exceptions. Mobility initiatives will enhance Real-time visibility and online shipment tracking. Access complete visibility of distribution status, harness useful data to ensure just-in-time deliveries and vendor compliance, and ensure immediate visibility of shipment status. It should be powerful and easy to use, feature advanced dashboards with one-click access to real-time data, and provide enhanced electronic data interchange visibility. Effective EDI/ API interfaced are becoming basic need for integration.

Smart use of IT enables more efficient, cost-effective movement of product through the supply chain, and provides actionable data necessary to increase productivity, reduce costs, and give the company a competitive edge.

Serving the customer in the best, most efficient and effective manner has become critical. Information is a crucial factor in the managers’ abilities to reduce inventory and human resource requirement to a competitive level and finally, information flows plays a crucial role in strategic planning.