Rsmart : Pioneering On-Cloud and Mobile Enabled Software for Airport Service Providers

CIO Vendor Changing business models in the Airline Industry require flexible software systems. The global aviation industry at present is being serviced with highly expensive, on premise enterprise software, which caters to only 15-20 percent of large scale enterprises in particular. Moreover, these solutions tend to be complex in configuration with concerns of regular monitoring and extensive training, consequently incurring high resource costs and encroaching on time to focus on strategic IT initiatives. Amidst these concerns, Airport service providers are in need of an affordable, easy to use, cloud based and mobile enabled software to serve business critical requirements. With an objective to meet these needs, Mumbai headquartered Rsmart brings a product suite with comprehensive coverage for the aviation industry requisites, ensuring completely integrated business software.

Started in 2012, Rsmart provides SaaS based, cloud powered and mobile enabled solutions in the form of a one stop solution and Analytics platform. These solutions are designed to record, transact and build process flows across entire business operations of Airport Ground handlers, Cargo Handlers, Flight Kitchens and Airport back office services. With advanced analytics capabilities, Rsmart’s solutions are aimed at facilitating managers with timely reporting, effective planning and better collaboration in handling airport operations. “The Rsmart Aviation Suite is unique in its ability to be a cloud based, mobile enabled, analytics driven, holistic software that expedites business operations for airport service providers,” claims Vinay Nerli, CEO, Rsmart.

Aviation Ground Support Specific Solutions
To help ground and cargo handlers meet the needs of an evolving aviation landscape, Rsmart has developed a ground handling application – Rsmart-GH, which helps to control and reduce the total turnaround time of aircrafts and ensure on-time ground support services for complete ground and cargo handling.

Rsmart brings a product suite with comprehensive coverage for the aviation industry requisites, ensuring completely integrated business software

The Rsmart–GH modules range from Resource Planning to Deployment, Contracts to Billing, Human Resources, Revenue and Equipment Management. Combining a unique ground support specific algorithm with powerful real time integration capabilities, this platform caters to mission-critical needs in airport ground support such as resource planning, scheduling, roster and shift planning. Eliminating the need for capital investments in the form of servers, databases and license fees, Rsmart optimizes customers’ budget by availing these services on a monthly rental and modular basis. The mobile-enabled capabilities of the software also ensure seamless and real-time information sharing among Ground and Cargo Handlers.. Furthermore, in order to expand their ground support capabilities, Rsmart has incorporated a subsidiary in Finland along with an R&D center to promote mobile based innovation in ground support.

Redefining Business Models
Having catered to a wide spectrum of services in aviation, Rsmart has devised a well-articulated roadmap for the future. The company aims to bring futuristic products with specific features such as rich dashboards, enhanced user interface in SaaS models and strong mobility capabilities. Rsmart also hopes to forge partnerships with industry solution providers with complimentary solutions. Through these endeavors, the company hopes to redefine business models in airport operations and bring about a disruption in the aviation industry.